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06.03.2019 Julian from UK
Julian tells his story about choosing destination for dental treatment outsite of Great Britain to reduce his expences. Read More
05.02.2019 Scott from USA
Scott is native american, staying in Minsk Belarus for his IT work. We were lucky to talk to Scott after his succesfull treatment in Magic Art dental clinic network. Read More
05.02.2019 Pavel from Murmansk, Russia
Pavel is a russian speaking guy from the North of Russia 0 Murmansk city (2000 km from Minsk). Due to specific climate conditions population from this region has regular teeth problems. And while the quality is rather poor in the homeland, people search otions for dental tourism outside the country. Read More
04.11.2016 Sergey Ponomarev, Moscow
Single-phase implantation using the Swiss system of immediate loading (Immidiate Load). A comprehensive review of the mandible implant patients from Moscow. Doctors: Sheleg VL, Dobritskaya AP Read More
04.11.2016 Marius, Latvia
For 8 days, performed a comprehensive restoration of the maxilla and mandible. Basal implants with immediate loading BIOMED (10 implants + 14 bits) on each jaw Read More
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