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Therapeutic Dentistry

Magic Art Dental Clinic offers the following services in therapeutic dentistry:

  •          Professional oral hygiene;
  •          Fluoride treatment;
  •          Caries treatment;
  •          Pulpitis and periodontosis (caries sequela) treatment;
  •          Children’s dentistry;
  •          Compositional veneers;
  •          Artistic tooth restoration;
  •          Dental splinting;
  •          Tooth restoration with the help of cores;
  •          Whitening.

Caries Treatment in Minsk, Belarus

Most often, the patients come to the dentists because of caries, a problem that 98% of all people encounter. The term “caries” literally means decay. It is a disease in which the hard tissues of the tooth become demineralized and gradually soften, which results in the formation of cavities – ‘holes’.

Why is caries so widespread?

And why does it appear? Currently, there are over 400 theories about the tooth caries emergence. But they all agree on the two main factors being poor oral hygiene and improper nutrition. As our ration mainly consists of easily digested carbohydrates (various sweets and convenience foods), the bacteria on our teeth, while digesting them, produce the acid that, in turn, destroys the enamel and the fundamental substance of tooth, which results in the formation of a “hole” in it. That is why it is so important to regularly remove the plaque that serves as the breeding grounds for bacteria, as well as stay moderate about consuming sweets (and especially teach the children to do so). 

Root Canal Treatment in Minsk, Belarus

Magic Art dental clinic (Minsk) offers root canal and periodontosis treatment, including the most complicated cases. Out specialists perform the treatment absolutely painlessly applying the cutting edge technologies.  

Because of one’s own inattentiveness and the fear of the dentists, patients are often reluctant to get the caries treatment in due time and end up coming to the doctor already tormented by acute pain that becomes stronger at nights and often may even lead to the swelling of the facial soft tissues. These serious aggravations are the result of the advanced stage of caries and evidence the existence of such serious diseases as pulpitis and periodontosis.

Pulpitis is the inflammation of the tooth pulp (commonly known as the “nerve”). It most often emerges as the aggravation of untreated caries.

In the structure of dental care, the patients with pulpitis are 16-20% of all. Since you are not dentists, you might be interested in the procedure of treatment of the tooth canal or, as many are used to saying, the treatment of the tooth roots.

The pulpitis already requires the treatment of the dental roots, which implies the removal of the pulp from the tooth canals subject to further restoration of the crowns. It should be understood that timely treatment of caries is the preventive measure against pulpitis. 

Periodontosis Treatment - prices for procedures

Periodontosis is the inflammation in the periodont. The periodont is the connective tissue that fills the free cavity between the bone bed of the tooth and the tooth itself.

The diagnosis is made according to the characteristic clinical picture combined with the X-ray examination.

The periodontosis treatment is long and may require up to 6-7 visits to the dentist. First of all, the doctor attends to the canal of the affected tooth and removes the infected tissue. Then the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial medicaments are injected into the canal. The medicines are applied several times until the inflammation is completely gone. Depending on the degree of the tooth destruction, the doctor decides on its possible restoration.

The preventive measure against periodontosis is the timely treatment of caries and pulpitis. It is highly recommended to pay a visit to your dentist twice a year for prophylactic purposes. 

Gum Treatment

The gum inflammation is the disease that many people must have come across. The disease may develop in different ways and sometimes may lead to irreversible consequences for teeth. That is why the inflammatory processes in the gums are not to be neglected.

Any inflammation in the oral cavity signalizes some derangements in the system. The perfect solution is to go to the dentist without hesitation, to understand the causes of the gum inflammation and take a timely course of treatment. 

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